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Two Scoops Records/2000


"Hungry" is a wonderful offering from a fella who could be Seattle's #1 Kitchen table philosopher and exponent of the real rockin' blues. This album has a great Fats Domino and Professor Longhair New Orleans type feel. Along with his ability to write and sing songs for the average guy and gal about every day life, Scoops delivers the goods in his performance as well. Highlights on this album are "No Good For Nuthin," "Auto Service Hell," "Booze in the House," and "Hungry." Very cool piano from Scoops, lots of great saxes("Sax" Gordon Beadle & Jim King), Dave Conant on guitar (who is always great). Kearney Barton on the big board and sliders (love the warmth of your recordings-see photo inside detailed and artistic package). Much like food for the hungry, the more you listen to this album the better you feel.
- Mark Whitman
for Blues-To-Do's Monthly

Piano man,singer,songwriter and entertainer extrordinaire Eric "Two Scoops" Moore and his combo of stellar musicians (known as the Two Scoops Combo) has once again delivered a full plate of fun and exciting original music on their latest release, simply titled, "Hungry" .In 1996 there was "
Big Buffet", In 1998 there was "Clean Plate" and now this man is "Hungry".( there may be a food issue going on here)With a history of hilarious lyrics and some incredibly fun and exciting grooves, this latest master piece by "Scoops" ( as his band mates call him) will have you dancing and laughing at the same time.

Scoops has toured on 3 different continents including 6 years with Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson. His vast performance experience and sense of humor are certainly evident on this recording. International experience aside, Scoops sings about everyday woe's,concerns,desires and of course food and drink. He'll sing about being "No good for nothing",wanting "Time to come home" off of the road, his experience in "Auto service hell", relationships,debt and many other everyday life experiences. What makes this recording unique is the way Eric "Two Scoops" Moore delivers the lyrics with his strong vocal stylings and the way this truly great band makes the music come alive.

Showcased are the superior piano skills of Scoops, the awesome Saxophone stylings and Harmonica playing of Jim King and special guest (internationally famous) Sax Gordon, very tasteful drumming by Cutts Peaslee and Jim Plano,Great bass playing by Guy Quintino and Bill Freckleton and even a few songs with renowned NW Guitarist Dave Conant. Throw in 3 great instrumentals and what we have here is a world class CD that is a must have recording for anyone with an appreciation for good fun music. If you haven't seen this group perform live yet, you must go see their very entertaining show and pick up this truly unique piece of work called "Hungry". You can also get this CD at their website, Trust me on this one folks, you want this CD in your collection.
- Randy Oxford for Washington Blues Society's Bluesletter
Production Credits

Produced by
Eric "Two Scoops" Moore

Recorded live by
Kearney Barton
Audio Recording, Seattle WA
(Tracks 1-5, 7, 8, 10-14)

Recorded by
Don King
No Script Studio, Lynnwood WA
(Tracks 6, 9, 15, 16)

Mastering by
Barry Corliss
MasterWorks, Seattle WA

Special effects (Track 8)
Raven Humphres
Blackwing Studio
Steve Bailey
Bluestown Records

Front cover paintings by
Roy Nydorf
Professor of Art, Guilford College, Greensboro NC
(Amy's brother)

Back cover drawings by
Elsi Nydorf
(Amy's Mom)

Kearney and Eric photo by
Amy Moore

Layout design by
Bill Maner
Bill Sears

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