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Two Scoops Records/2000

8) Use Me Right (E. Moore 2:10)

Don't misuse me
Use me right
And I'll give you
A long service life
Change my oil
Check my brakes
Keep me washed
For heavens sake

Don't leave me out
All night long
Let your friends take me
And use me wrong
They don't love me
They don't care
But you count on me
To take you there

I stand ready night and day
Whenever you want to get away
But if you keep using me like you do
I'll break down and we'll be through

Use me right
Don't use me wrong
And my service life
Will be nice and long
Safe and reliable
For years to come
Smooth and powerful
And so much fun

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All original music copyrighted by Eric Moore. All Rights Reserved

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