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Two Scoops Records/2000

3) Auto Service Hell (E. Moore 2:19)

Up till yesterday I was doing great
Then I heard Strange noises coming from my brakes
Up to that point things were going swell
But that's when I entered Auto Service Hell

He held back a smile as he broke the news
Said I needed new brake lines calipers and shoes
For the next few months I'd be eating rice
'Cause he hit me with his special sucker price

He didn't see my face turning red
When I slammed the hood down on his greasy head
Now I'm smiling a satisfied customer smile
Driving with no brakes on the miracle mile
If I want to stop I don't panic I know what to do
Iíll just run over a mechanic or two

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All original music copyrighted by Eric Moore. All Rights Reserved

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