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Two Scoops Records/2000

2) No Good for Nothin' (E. Moore, G. Beadle 2:48)

When I was just a little pup
My dear old dad I asked
How long will it be till I grow up
And have pockets full of cash?

He said Life don't owe you no living
That's what they say
So I'll just play this old piano
Then I'll be on my way

Because I'm no good for nothin'
Thatís what the people say
I hear it every day
That's how I'm going to stay

I tried to be a boxer
I got knocked out
Tried to be a fisherman
Got bit by a trout
Tried to be a baker
My cakes all fell
Tried to be a preacher
God said go to hell
Tried to be a lawyer
I lost every case
Tried to rob a bank
I got locked in the safe

I tried to be a fireman
The station burned down
I tried to run for mayor
They ran me out of town
Tried getting married
Wasn't fit to be a spouse
Tried staying with my family
Got kicked out of the house
Tried to be a doctor
My patients all died
I went to see a shrink
The man broke down and cried
I'm no good for nothin'

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All original music copyrighted by Eric Moore. All Rights Reserved

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