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Fat Daddy
Two Scoops Records/2009


1) Fat Daddy
E. Moore 3:03

2) It Hurts to Be in Love
E. Moore 2:54

3) Mental Hospital
E. Moore 3:10

4) Siamese Twin
E. Moore 1:51

5) My Girl's Sweet
E. Moore 4:06

6) Hometown
E. Moore 3:06

7) Big Shot Woman
E. Moore 3:46

8) I'm a Dummy
E. Moore 4:12

9) Don't Drop Out
E. Moore 2:32

10) Early Bird Special
E. Moore 4:09

11) What Happened to the Lady?
E. Moore 2:09

12) Tip Well
E. Moore 3:01

13) Crying On Christmas
E. Moore 3:09

14) My Wife Won the Lottery
E. Moore 2:25

All Songs by Eric Moore, Clean Plate Music (ASCAP)
All original music copyrighted by Eric Moore. All Rights Reserved

Eric "Two Scoops" Moore
Vocals, piano

"Sax" Gordon Beadle*
Tenor saxophone

Micky Bones
Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals, Producer

Timo Shanko

Scott Shetler
Baritone saxophone

Scott Aruda
Trumpet on 'Don?t Drop Out'

Craig Jones

Duke Robillard**
Guitar on 'My Wife Won the Lottery'

Gerry Bellgarde
Backing Vocals and Bass on 'Home Town'

*appears courtesy of Bullseye Blues & Jazz
**appears courtesy of Stony Plain Records

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