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Music Café
Two Scoops Records/2002


Music Café (Two Scoops 4171) has the advantage of Duke Robillard's production and guitar, and some of his band. It's all icing on the witty songs of Eric "Two Scoops" Moore, an ingratiating vocalist and excellent piano player, formerly with Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson. The menu features boozy bump "n" grinds ("Left Handed," with a snarling solo from Robillard, Latin blues ("Big Ugly Fella"), shambling Waitsian shanties ("Makin' Bones"), classy pop-R&B ("All the Things I Didn't Do") and swaying,
Drifters-esque jewels ("We'll Be Found"). There's also strutting roots rock ("Clean Clean Clean"), affecting ballads ("Keep Me In Mind," with its irresistible rhythm), and honking jump blues ("Pulling My Chain"). In short, something for nearly any taste.

-- Tom Hyslop, BLUES REVUE, The Blues Authority, Issue #83, Aug./Sept. 2003

Eric "Two Scoops" Moore is no stranger to Sound area blues fans. He has in fact built up a pretty respectable following around these parts. His newest release shows him in fine form. The fifteen selections all show off his rollicking New Orleans flavored piano and growly vocal approach. Eric seems to specialize in humorous pieces and excels in story telling. More than a few would-be singer/songwriters would profit from listening to Mr. Moore. This is a songwriter who knows how to create an image in the listener's mind. The title track is a prime example. It's the story of a little café that has a staff totally comprised of musicians. One wonders if this tune is based on a real place. The frosting on the cake is that this fine CD was produced by bluesman Duke Robillard. Duke also lends his ample guitar playing skills to the collection. To sum up, "Two Scoops" has a definite winner here.

-- Lars Gandil, VICTORY REVIEW, Acoustic Music Magazine, Volume 28 #6, July 2003

Eric "Two Scoops" Moore is an artist; a Blues artist that transcends the stereotypical categorization of Blues. The thing that sets him apart is his unique view of the world we live in. As all great Blues artists are, Eric is a storyteller whose slant on life gives his music a wonderful twist full of humor, optimism and love. You'll hear plenty of Blues, boogie-woogie, swing, jump and even some good ole rock and roll.

Two Scoops seems to have the uncanny knack of taking an ordinary life situation and turning it into an interesting theme, even something as basic as eating. Eric injects each story with an obvious love of life and a wry sense of humor. His voice and piano playing are at once honest, introspective and warm, showing the listener a true glimpse of the world of "Two Scoops" Moore!!

He'll make you laugh, cry or hell, he'll even make you hungry!!! So sit back and get ready to be thoroughly entertained by the one and only Eric "Two Scoops" Moore!!

-- Duke Robillard

Annieville Blues told me in an interview that for a piano player, "the boogie woogie player's left hand has gotta roll, bop, walk, & talk." On Music Cafe (MC), Eric Moore and bandmates do a lot of all that...Eric is on the keyboard & authoring all songs. He is unusually articulate and sarcastic. The disc is only slightly more reserved than his three previous food-filled releases. For my tastes, MC is equally enjoyable, perhaps even more so in a number of ways. Duke Robillard is on guitars & background vocals, Sax Gordon & Doug James are the Mood Room's horn section-and the two certainly know how to make a room full. The horns are amply dispersed throughout and lend rich melodic texture to Moore's thickly sliced vocals on Baritone sax. M. Ballou's acoustic bass is deliciously thick and inviting. Bravo for Eric's band on MC. The songwritting, in Moore's distinct rolling, humorous style, is in line with his other "fun time", danceable releases. "I Wish I Was Left Handed", is a rhyming tune about a guy with 2 left hands. The play on words whilst the piano player rolls on is so clever, one begins laughing while Moore rolls down the bass line. I also appreciate the politically incorrectness of songs like "Big Ugly Fella" - "he's got no style/Poor as dirt/Probably got married in a tee shirt/But girl you ain't been rocked and rolled/By a big ugly fella with a heart of gold." If only Eric were a stand-up comedian...hmmm. "Clean Clean Clean" starts like an old Elmore James tune: Moore humor about seemingly demeaning work turns a story into a fun-filled excuse to clean ones own porcelain! There is also a seriously fun side to several songs. You could call them politically nuanced sung parables of a sort..."Hamburger Time" is one: "Italy's got pizza/China's got rice...but I'm an American/Can I have a hamburger, please?" There's also "Don't Have To Drink It Here": If you don't treat me fair/I'm going to take my business elsewhere/I've got to drink beer/But I don't have to drink it here." All 15 cuts are fun, humorous and seductively danceable. Pop it in the CD player and put your dancin' shoes on. Play it loud!

-- Clancy Dunigan, Blues To Do
Production Credits

Produced by
Duke Robillard
Recorded and mixed at Duke's Mood Room
Pawtucket, RI

Executive Producer
Eric Moore

Thom Hiller

Barry Corliss
Master Works, Seattle WA

Cover Art
Elsi Nydorf
(Amy's Mom)

Layout Design
William Maner Design Group
Seattle WA

Amy & Eric Photo
Ricki Peto Photography
Tacoma WA

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