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Better 'n' Better, Bye 'n' Bye
Two Scoops Records/1998


I'd rather listen to Henry Spencer than eat when I'm hungry!!
-- Eric "Two Scoops" Moore

Spencer's voice is as raw and deep as unmined coal.
-- Roberta Penn, Seattle PI

Unfiltered blues for people who drink their coffee black and pour hot sauce on their breakfast
-- Kim Field, author of Harmonicas, Harps and Heavy Breathers

More coming soon!
Production Credits

Produced by
Eric "Two Scoops" Moore

Recorded at
Second Story Studio
Roslindale, MA

Mastering by
Barry Corliss

Technical Support by
Raven Humphres
Blackwing Studio

Cover Photos by
Jim Saley

Disc Photo by
Denise Passeretti

Back Porch photo by
Eric Moore

Creative consultant
Amy Moore

Graphic Design by
"Wild Child" White
Moon and Stars Advertising

Layout by
Jeffrey Mellin
Big Blue Ox, Boston, MA

Producer of wine
Jimmy Gordon

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